Therapeutic Services

Experienced Master’s level therapists bring a diverse range of competencies to their clinical work.  Students receive weekly individual and family therapy, and many hours of group therapy experiences throughout the week. Our therapists utilize a broad range of strategies including Cognitive Behavioral therapy, solution-focused/strengths-based approach, trauma treatment techniques, and many experientially-based strategies. Specialized groups include anxiety and depression group, divorce recovery, trauma recovery, anger management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, adoption issues, family issues, grief and loss, and Maturing Adolescents. We often find that even students who previously had difficulty in therapeutic environments are able to express themselves and gain insight into their lives due to the warmth and caring of the staff, the focus on the positive peer culture, and the broad skills and strategies used by our therapeutic team.

Twelve-Step Recovery

Infused in all aspects of the Ranch is a strong emphasis on living and working the 12-steps.  We are honored to have many alumni who return to the Ranch as staff and volunteers to “give back” to the current students at the Ranch. Their mentorship and role modeling are priceless gifts in that they show students that long term sobriety is not only possible but is an amazing and wonderful choice. Seeing a young person close to their age working and going to college clean and sober, happy and healthy, says a great deal to new students in early recovery. Our students regularly attend 12-step meetings. Their step work, sponsorship and gaining a sense of community are central to developing a solid long-term recovery. And by interacting with alumni staff and other staff in recovery, students learn to understand the abstract concepts in the basic text by applying and observing concrete examples in their day-to-day lives at the Ranch. 

Family Therapy

Addiction affects all members of a family in dramatic and profound ways. Our goal in our Family Therapy, is to help heal each individual within the family, work through the family dynamics, and then to reintegrate them into a healthier family unit. A critical component that we offer is the Family Weekend Workshop. These weekends include the parents and siblings and are offered three times during the year.  The workshops range from intensive therapeutic activities to experiential activities to help re-bond the family members. These weekends differentiate the Ranch from other programs as each weekend is specialized and focused around the families and their needs at each stage of their process.

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Specialized and highly trained staff provide assistance with therapeutic exercises and interactions with horses. These activities give students insight into their own lives and patterns in their relationships by observing the behavior mirrored back to them by the horses. Self-esteem, effective communication skills, interpersonal dynamics, and problem-solving are a few of the skills achieved with equine-assisted therapy. 


Through tradition and ceremony, spirituality is encompassed in many aspects of the Ranch. A non-denominational emphasis on a Higher Power or values-based living, offers students the opportunity to find connection, peace, healing, balance, and self-awareness. Wilderness trips, and sweat lodges, are just a few examples of the unique experiences offered to the students to help encourage them to find their beliefs and begin to live in integrity. If and when students want to participate in religious services of any faith, we do our best to support those efforts, and we encourage learning, growth, and tolerance of our diversity and differences.  

Experiential & Adventure-Based Therapy

We find that adventure and experiential therapies are essential in connecting with our adolescents. We strive to make sobriety exciting and invigorating because if it is boring who would sign up for sobriety? We use horsemanship, rock climbing, yoga, paint balling, hiking, camping, horse treks, skateboarding, various sports, snowboarding, fitness and many other things to add adventure and fun to their treatment.   

Positive Peer Culture

Central to the therapeutic model of the Ranch is a culture where opportunities exist to build positive peer relationships based on caring, accountability and acceptance. The PPC is designed to reverse the impact of a negative peer subculture and mobilize the power of a peer group in a positive manner. Students create internal positive change as they become committed to the values of integrity, responsibility, and helping and caring for others.


High school and college courses are offered through an accredited and individualized educational program. The academics attend to the unique learning style of each student and create feelings of success and motivation instead of frustration and hopelessness. Transformed beliefs and feelings about school instill a desire in the students to further their education at the college-level.

Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Associate Member - NATSAP Woodbury Reports Award of Excellence Woodbury Reports Award of Excellence North Central Association SEVP
AdvancED Accreditation

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